Who is allowed to join BIEP?

Any auditor of any SAI worldwide.

Where can I find results of BIEP cooperation?

On the BIEP Portal. However, some BIEP results are also published in national audit reports (see Public information).


What is the BIEP Portal?

The BIEP Portal is a platform to share documents such as methodologies, values of indicators, audit reports, questionnaires, etc. Through secure access, BIEP members can upload files and post contributions to discussions.

Can I get involved into an existing topic?

YES, each BIEP member can join any existing topic anytime.

Can I suggest a new topic for comparison?

YES, just sign in and click on 'Help'.

How can I join BIEP?

It is easy! Create an account and wait for the approval. Then you are in! Follow the instructions below.

See instructions

Can I use results of BIEP cooperation in our national audit reports?

YES, all information shared on the BIEP Portal can be used for any type of publication after explicit approval by the SAI which provided this information.

Other question?

If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us directly at biep@nku.cz.