Here you can find publicly available outputs related to over 20 topics, which are currently being worked on within BIEP - be they audit reports, analytical information or other relevant documents. These are available without necessity of registration and you can simply download these files anytime. In non-public area, you will find more - methodologies, questionnaires and other documents as well as discussions. All of them will be available right after you have registered on the BIEP website.

Water pollution
Centralized public procurement
Electronic identification (eID)
Cyber security
Preparedness for implementation of SDGs
Contributions to international organisations
Social Services
Construction and maintenance of road bridges and regional roads
Flood preventive measures
Motorways and roads
Crime prevention
Immovable property
Digitalization of education
Intelligent Road Transport Systems
Investments in regional healthcare infrastructure
Animal Production
High-speed rail
Social housing
Air pollution
Police education